Straight From The Source

Have you ever shared something you heard from God with someone and had them assume you got it from going to a conference or reading it in a book? I have experienced it so many times the last six months that it has me thinking. 

God can speak to us. We can learn to hear Him.

Some people go from conference to conference, from Youtube videos to whatever is the newest book on the market to receive their daily revelation from God. I also like conferences, Youtube and reading new books, but I don’t use them to hear God. We are not to chase after others in an attempt to know the mind of God. He is right here. He speaks to us.

As people who have a relationship with God through Jesus, we have direct access to the heart of our Heavenly Father. 

Our relationship with Him is an adventurous journey. We meet Him and then are able to get to know Him better as we daily walk with Him. As long as we remain fully surrendered to His love, teachable to His ways, and obedient to His leading, our relationship with Him will automatically deepen. And as that happens, we learn how to recognize Him communicating with us. He leads us, and when we do what He shows us to do, our faith grows and our trust in Him strengthens.  

Someone who has a large online audience or famous ministry isn’t necessarily closer to God. They may be, but they may not be. Please do not believe that God listens to their prayer in a way He won’t listen to yours. God doesn’t relate to us based on position or success. He talks to normal, average, everyday people. That means you and me! We don’t have to be super spiritual to hear God. We just have to learn to listen better and understand how He speaks to us. We do not have to be amazing. He is the one who is AMAZING. He has things He wants to communicate with us and desires to be involved in our everyday life.

Make room for Him. Ask Him is there’s anything He wants to show you today.

I hear Him when I wake up in the morning,

when I do chores or when I’m out driving in my car.

I sense His presence when I go for a walk,

and when I cruise through the neighborhood on my bike. 

I have learned to hear Him on boring days,

when lonely and nothing is going my way. 

I hear Him on stormy nights when everything is grey,

as I wrap up in a blanket and shut myself away. 

I hear Him at the first sign of Spring,

when tulips bloom and the birds begin to sing.

But even in Fall and Winter seasons, I listen for His sound,

and take comfort in feeling the breath of His presence.


May His Blessings find you today…

—Tami Gaupp