Nurture & Guard Your Heart

Whatever God is whispering to your heart today, let it take root just as if He were planting it in fertile soil. Be aware of other issues of your heart that He may want you to address. Have you ever had a morning glory creeping vine sneaking in to your flower bed? It will wrap around large healthy plants until it entangles and suppresses it’s growth. 

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Tami Gaupp
Under Construction

Have you ever lived in the midst of a remodel? It takes a lot of patience and perseverance! This morning as I woke up, I was thinking of all the changes we’ve had and the major remodel and repair we’ve done on our property the last 4 years. That’s when I heard God whisper, “That’s exactly what I do, I am always at work in your life.” And right away I understood, as I said, “I never thought about it like that, I guess that means I am under construction too!”

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Tami GauppComment
Lessons On a Napkin

When I was 25 and my husband was 26, we met a couple named Dick and Donna Sorenson. We had 3 sons, ages 1-8, and lived south of Caldwell. We had not been Christians for long but were leading a home group and participating in our church. A couple in our home group were experiencing some problems, the wife wanted to find a Christian counselor, and they asked us for help. I don’t remember who told us about Dick. I just know that we contacted him, took our friend to see him, connected with him and Donna at lunch, and from there, a lifelong friendship was formed.

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Identity and Loss vs. Value

Hi friends. I have been dialoging with the Lord about an experience I had recently where I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do or how I was supposed to feel. It has to do with something that I poured my life into in the past and how God used me. So, I pondered if I had regret at what could have been. But, I didn’t have any feelings of maybe I coulda, woulda or shoulda done something differently.

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I'm Still Standing

What are you thinking about on this last day of 2018? I am taking some time to think about all that happened in the last twelve months. It is good to take a moment and consider what we’ve been through. It may be encouraging to think about what we have come through, or it may be painful to revisit some of those hard times. But as we bring this 2018 chapter of our lives to a close, let’s ask God to give us His perspective, exchanging our disappointments of yesterday with new HOPE for tomorrow.

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Crepes: Easy as 1-2-3

I just love mixing up a fresh batch of crepes! If the thought of making crepes fills you with thoughts of running to the store for fancy ingredients and following step by step instructions of a complex recipe, then think again. Made with only a few ingredients, they are as easy as 1-2-3! Then topping them off with butter and dusting them with sugar and cinnamon makes this recipe as easy as can be.

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