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Have you heard of lanyap?

Lanyap comes from the cajun word lagniappe, which means “something extra”.

Lanyap is the phonetic spelling of the Cajun word lagniappe, which means "a little something extra". It is often used to mean a small gift given a customer by a merchant at the time of a purchase, or more broadly, "something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure". 

So, what’s The Lanyap Life?

If you are alive and breathing, then the aspect of living is already underway.

But are you experiencing the extra?

 If your life were a book, what story would it tell?

Have you found the extra that comes from finding valuejoy and peace?

The Author of Life desires to add to your story, so that you can enjoy the journey of experiencing MORE of all His gifts!


God has given us tremendous Lanyap in the gift of the Holy Spirit. When we receive Him and learn to identify and follow His leading we live a life of overflow from this gift. We all experience painful circumstances in this life but we no longer have to function from the place of hurt and emptiness or settle for less than what God has for us.



Life is meant to be shared!

As a business owner, student, artist, homeschool mom, retiree and any other job activity we may do--we embrace our diversities. We are stronger together, neither judging nor hiding from each other. 

Everyone's life is a series of adventures and we desire to shine a light on how-to get through life's various seasons.

We share, as a way to “pull back the curtain” to help others see clearly what it really takes to live The Lanyap Life.

It’s MORE than we thought, MORE than enough, and extravagantly MORE than not.

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The Lanyap Life has an in-house publishing company. We focus on making bite-sized nuggets of content available to anyone interested in the practical application on How-To live daily in The Lanyap of God's gift to us, which is His Holy Spirit.

. We focus on sharing God's truth through real life testimonies. Our first published books are by Tami Gaupp, Fleda Bennie and Dick Sorenson.

More booklets coming soon…


Find out what The Lanyap Life is all about by listening to this 3-minute audio.

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Booklets that share real help on living unbound and provide real life tips on how-to experience MORE of God’s blessings.

Accusations: Believing a Lie - by Dick Sorenson


What are accusations?

How to Win When You Lose is written from my perspective of having been through what you may be going through. You are not alone in the feelings of anger, betrayal, and hopelessness. You are normal! My goal is to help you find renewed vision, ministry, hope and joy as you serve Christ. My prayer is that my story will be part of the healing and resurrection you are longing to embrace - Fleda

Soft Spot in a Stone Wall - by Tamara Gaupp


When I come up against a “wall” in my life, where there seems to be no answer or way out, it is as though I have my hands up and am trying to feel every inch of those stones over and over again. I am determined there must be an opening, a weak spot, I can find to break out of the crisis and find the freedom I seek. No matter how many times I have been stuck here, I keep blindly feeling my way around every bump and crevice of the cold stone wall that’s pinning me in. I am hoping to find something I missed before; hoping to find a soft spot in a stone wall.

Sometimes I am able to break myself out, by forcefully hammering and tearing away at a soft spot I found in the wall. Other times I have lived my life from behind the wall, unable to find my way out in spite of my best efforts. Living life behind “the wall” has taught me more about God than I could have learned had my life been free from these type of struggles. These lessons are such a lifeline to me, that I believe they are worth sharing. My purpose in writing this book is to talk about those areas in life we are not able to overcome. They may even feel like stone walls built up around us, holding us captive. These are the walls that ONLY the Almighty God has the power to break down. He is able to create a “soft spot” that wasn’t there before. I have seen this happen over and over again.The concepts I’m sharing are simple. Walking it out takes practice. Don’t give up!


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