Exposing The #1 Lie: Something has to change.

Exposing The Number One Lie:

  • Something has to change for me to be ok.

  • Something has to change before I can do what God wants me to do.

  • Something has to change before I can deal with my hurt.

  • Something has to change before I can forgive.

Because we believe the lie that “something has to change before ____”, we feel justified that our excuse for not doing something is merely a logistical fact. We may think to ourselves, “if you only knew what I am dealing with you wouldn’t have the nerve to expect me to do these things”. But if we learn anything from reading of God’s interaction with the people in the Bible, we see just the opposite happening. Gideon didn’t have courage before He did something courageous, Moses didn’t have confidence when God told him to go speak to Pharaoh, and to chose Paul to preach about the love of God when he had been murdering Christians took a miracle. If we wait until we have the ability to do something, we are depending on our own strength and not making room for God to move in us and in the midst of our everyday life.

Do not let your circumstances be your excuse today for not pushing forward with God. This video clip isn’t a performance but just shows me demonstrating how to bring it all to God. After speaking on how to experience God’s breakthrough in life, I demonstrated how I do this when I played You are Good by Jeff Devo and began to worship in the midst of my physical battle. Physically, I had difficulty walking and was actually scheduled for major foot surgery two days after this video. That recovery kept me from walking at all for almost 4 months. I also had terrible pain in my right shoulder that had kept me from using that arm. I couldn’t even use it to brush my teeth or drive but, as I began to worship the Lord, I was able to move more freely! When the song began I just moved as I could, without picking up the streamer, and then as I turned my focus to God’s goodness I was able to use my right arm more. There is another level of victory to be experienced when we step out in faith and worship Him, even in the midst of all our troubles. We may see a breakthrough physically but we can always enter into His victory in our spirits, no longer being held captive by the lies of the enemy in our minds or in our emotions.

If you have simply come to the point of asking God to forgive you for your sins and to take the broken pieces of your life and use them for His purpose, you have a secure place in His family. Life isn’t always easy, but you are not alone. God wants to manifest His victory in the midst of what is happening in your life right now… reach out and grab on to Him today! He loves you so much. <3


Blessings,  Tami Gaupp

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