Identifying Curses
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This topic is taken from The Journey To Wholeness series. I created it because it is the journey the Lord has taken me on to become whole, and I find it has and will do the same for others. I would say, as you discover these truths, take time with the Lord and ask Him to give you revelation how to apply these in your life. This is great preparation for ministering to others and training others to minister.

Journey To Wholeness is designed to be used as a personal guide or study to bring an individual into personal freedom and spiritual maturity. It is also designed to use as a study guide for a small gathering, home group, or a classroom setting. This material is a resource for leading a discipleship group, personal growth group or teaching a series for ministry training. Each booklet is a different topic, although all topics fit together to become the Journey To Wholeness.  All topics can be discovered and applied separately to impart life, freedom and spiritual growth. 

J2W Topics:

  1. Preparing for the Journey

  2.   Body Soul Spirit - Makeup of Man

  3. Interaction of the Soul & Memories

  4. Value of Forgiveness

  5. Accusations

  6. Identifying Bruises & Wounds

  7. Healing of the Soul

  8. Temptations and Snares

  9. Satanic Attacks

  10. Breaking Free from the Past

  11. Judgments

  12. Strongholds


  14. Deliverance

  15. Areas of Spiritual Warfare with Individuals

About Dick:

 With a M. A. in Psychology and Theology, Dick, along with his wife, Donna, started churches in Texas, Missouri, and Idaho and then founded and directed Christian Counseling Service in Nampa, Idaho for 15 years. 

The Sorensons have been in ministry for 53 years, traveling internationally since 1983, including ministry to unreached people groups. They are a consulting resource for church planting, strategic planning and development, and equipping churches to be involved in missions. God has used them to connect and network ministries and missionaries. They also provide pastoral care, counseling, healing & deliverance prayer ministry and resources where needed. They have always had a heart for the workers on the field. Their focus has been to encourage them, take teams for work projects, teach the Word and prayerwalk specific targeted areas. Dick is a great storyteller and has many testimonies of God's miraculous intervention in his travels to the nations that he can share and encourage you with.  His unique style of explaining Biblical concepts will bring fresh knowledge and insight to you.

Psalm 23:1-6

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