Lee and Tami

Lee and Tami have been described as real-authentic, approachable, people who "get'er done", and aren't afraid of getting a little messy with the daily grind of living and helping others get back up when they're kicked down.  Together, like the oil and heat in a popcorn popper, they are able to spark life and creativity in others.  


Tami has practiced hearing God's voice and following him through the seasons of her life since she was a little girl, and loves to see people set free and experiencing God's pure joy in their own lives.  Lee experienced a radical encounter with the Lord when he was in college and has a knack for connecting with people where they're at and demonstrating the simple reality of what it takes to follow Jesus.


Together, they have led others into worship, giving thanksgiving and praise to God. They began leading worship together in 1987 as newly weds, then as young parents leading a youth group, and now as empty nesters.


Lee & Tami were involved in the annual March for Jesus event for 8 years, bringing Christians from various churches in the Treasure Valley together to sing and praise God in the park, on the city streets, and on the steps of the Idaho State Capitol Building. 




Tami organized Pure Joy Creative Arts, a modular training school, offering classes in tambourine dance, streamers, flag twirling, classical ballet, modern dance, music, drama, writing, drawing and painting.

She mentored groups and individuals on how to breakthrough to freedom through worship intercession and warfare praise for 15 years. Her book, "God's Pure Joy" details her personal journey of worship intercession, and teaches the scripture and principles she learned. Tami trained and led dancers in creative evangelism, praising God in parades, parks, schools, nursing homes and at the State Fair, as well as in churches, retreats, and conferences.


In 2003,  God led them into an interesting opportunity when they helped start an all-ages concert venue in downtown Boise, with the purpose to show God's love to the young "poets & musical artists" of our day, specifically those between the ages of 18-25. The summer before, their community had been impacted by numerous suicides of young men in this age group within a 4 month period. The Lord had their group demonstrate His one-way, undeserved love and grace towards the bands on tour that would play at their venue and the hundreds of "regulars" that would come to the shows. They began with the sense of a mission but were deeply changed by the experience as they learned to befriend and love the Hardcore, the Punk and the other genres of music they began to interact with on a daily basis. It taught them to let go of their agenda, and trust that God would bring about His plans and purpose. God taught them to just BE...to be who they are and to be available to others without judgement or condemnation. They were homeschooling their boys at this time, in 4th and 6th grade, and would include them in many ways, from helping the bands load in their gear, putting on wristbands, selling concessions, putting up flyers, running the lights, to cleaning up at the end of the night. The bands would often interact with the boys in ways like trying out their skateboards, playing catch, throwing snowballs or playing soccer in the parking lot.  They cherish the 6 years of memories they have from this time, and the invaluable lessons they learned, with their kids along for the ride.


Lee and Tami with their Married Kids - May 2015    

Lee and Tami with their Married Kids - May 2015


Lee and Tami are now embracing the season of life called empty nest, and are excited to discover the new adventures in store for them as they follow God's lead. Lee has spent the last 24 years working as an IT guy, and is still the Piano Man playing music and leading others into worship of the Creator. Tami has the heart of an entrepreneur, currently owns two businesses, and loves to encourage others in this area. She, along with Fleda Wright, have also established Lanyap Life Publishing. She is working on releasing an updated version of her manual, God's Pure Joy. Now the material has been expanded and separated into 3 different books. Soft Spot in a Stone Wall (which is currently available on iBooks)...learn how to escape your own entrapment as Tami shares her story, Reflective Overflowing Heart...how to pray with the impact of God's great love, and A Primer on Christian Dance Ministry...discussions on the purpose and spirit of Christian dance. Each one will soon be available on iBooks, Kindle and in a printed version through Amazon this year.

Lee and Tami love the adventure of living in the heart of downtown Boise, meeting new people, hearing new bands play at local venues and frequenting their favorite coffee shops. But they say, nothing beats spending time with their growing family, and experiencing the thrill and joy of being grandparents!