A Great Company of Womem

If you call out to Jesus and seek to follow His steps as you journey through life, then this page is for you! You may feel all alone right now, but in reality, you belong to a vast body of believers! We are all family... every tribe, nation and tongue.


It is our desire to stand together with our sisters to proclaim the Good News over our lives, our families, our neighborhoods, our Cities, our Nation and other areas as He leads us. There is more strength when women stand together than when we sit alone. God has set us FREE! Let’s celebrate and nurture our individual spiritual passions, then mingle our callings together and unleash the power of God wherever we go.


We want to inspire women to wait no longer. It’s time to discover our worth and recognize the treasure in each other. Women are encouraged to show grace and demonstrate love and acceptance towards one another. Becoming mighty women of faith, we freely share our testimonies.  We believe in the power of  testimony!  When you hear about the miracles that God has done for us and desire to experience the same thing in your life, you can say to God, " please do it again for me". The same miracles are available for you, and in fact, He wants to "do it again" in your life!


Donna & Tami at a women’s conference.

Donna Sorenson, Fleda Bennie and Tami Gaupp- Book Publishing Launch Planning Meeting- Jan. 2019

Donna Sorenson, Fleda Bennie and Tami Gaupp- Book Publishing Launch Planning Meeting- Jan. 2019

What is A Great Company of Women?  It is every woman on earth who calls out to Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Even more, it is women joined together, who have the power to drive the enemy back. That joining together is the key. A single strand is easily broken but a cord of three strands, woven together, is not. Sometimes we feel like that "single strand" and we may feel broken and unable or unworthy to join that company of "great" women.It is our desire to bring healing; to provide a way for every woman to find her greatness.

This is my first video. If you notice I’m talking slower than I usually do, it’s because I was still in the middle of my recovery. I decided to share my journey, how God was with me, and what I experienced in the midst of the crisis. If you’re in crisis right now, the same peace and assurance that I encountered is available for you as well.
— Tami Gaupp

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Prayerwalk Teams

Teams of women asking God to Heal & Redeem our land! (restore, reawaken, reignite, redeem, renew, refresh, reform, revive…all the re words)

2013-New Madrid Fault Line - St. Louis, MO

2014-New Madrid Fault Line- New Madrid, MO

2014 - Idaho Fault Lines - Boise, ID

Fault Line PW-2013.jpg

May 2015 - Bloomfield, New Mexico

Donna Sorenson leading a prayer-walking team with a local church at the south gate of the city.

2017 - State Capital -Boise, ID

October, November, December- Monthly prayer for MORE of God’s presence and MORE unity in the Body of Christ.

2018 - Pray, Walk, Idaho - Boise, ID

Monthly prayer walk downtown Boise near the Capital… praying for MORE of God.


General Information

A Great Company of Women was founded in 2014 by a seasoned* team of women in Christian ministry. We're calling women to connect in authentic and powerful relationships, for the sake of the kingdom. *(By seasoned we mean blessed and bruised, in the miraculous and the mud, while faith-filled, crestfallen, and victorious.) The closeness of other women does not come easily at times. It can be a really snug fit as we bump into each others gifts and passions and callings. But we believe, as Isaiah 65:8 reminds us, the blessing is in the cluster.