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Fleda is a mother, grandmother, writer, leader, worshiper and motorcycle rider who, with her first husband, spent over 30 years in ministry serving others and ministering peace and freedom to those God brought their way.  In July, 2015 Fleda’s husband, Don, went to heaven after pouring out his life for the Savior he loved so deeply. Then, 2018 brought the joy of remarrying a wonderful, kind man named Roger Bennie and living on a 68 acre farm - which she loves!

Fleda has been involved in Christian ministry beginning when she was 24 and continuing to the present. With exposure to many wonderful teachers, pastors, friends and experiences, she lives with a heart to see others built up, encouraged, informed and walking in the truth, joy, hope and peace that comes only from a relationship with Christ. After all the years of listening, observing and learning life’s lessons, she is sharing those experiences with the hope of helping others who might be living through similar circumstances. Her heart is extended to those who are also serving in any capacity. Being a Christian and serving is a tremendously rewarding adventure. However, as with all aspects of live, there can be pain, disappointment and disillusionment along the way. Her goal is to learn and grow through each hard spot, and then move ever deeper into the fantastic adventure of walking with Jesus. Her most recent book, How To Win When You Lose!, describes the journey of full-time ministry, confronting the hurt, loss and healing that many pastors experience and exposing the lie that loss means you’re a loser.

Fleda believes that we must speak out of what we are living, doing, and experiencing because it causes us to speak from the heart rather than just the mind. We must speak the honesty of our own life be living what we speak. In this way, our life becomes a living testimony of the life of Christ within us.

 Fleda joined her life-long friends, Dick & Donna Sorenson and Lee & Tami Gaupp, in living the Lanyap Life shortly after Lanyap was started. It is her prayer that you will join in as well - living the life in the EXTRA!