Dick and Donna were high school sweethearts and married soon after graduation.  They celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on October 24th, 2014.  It was a wonderful milestone and testimony of their love story, their mutual respect and unselfish love for each other. God sure has been faithful to them!

Dick and Donna genuinely love people and rarely meet a stranger. In fact, when people first meet them, quite often their comment will be, “They are so easy to talk to!”  It’s as if they have an invisible sign on their forehead that reads, “Safe and comfortable."  They have always had an "open door" policy, even amidst the busiest seasons of raising children and full-time ministry. They live each day seamlessly combining hospitality, friendship and ministry.

In 1974 they moved their young family into "The Yellow House of Jesus", a discipleship home in Nampa, Idaho.  This ministry coached people who were no longer addicts, and those leaving dysfunctional lifestyles to learn new life skills.  They were part of the leadership team and helped Harold and Louisa Miller (Mom and Pop), run the facility.  Dick did part of the teaching and individual counseling, while Donna kept the home running smoothly. The leadership group of the Yellow House was directed by the Lord to start a new church, and so, Koinonia Fellowship began in 1976.  Koinonia is the Greek word that means shared life.  They thought it humorous that their name literally meant fellowship fellowship!  It was appropriate for the group because it described their core values and how the ministry was taking place in homes.  As Dick was pastoring this cell based church, he developed his own business, Christian Counseling Service, which he ran for 15 years.  He became well-known in the Boise Valley for a place pastors could refer their people needing counseling who had exhausted every other avenue.

Dick and Donna experienced multi-family living many times during their child rearing years, as the Lord directed them to share their home.  Friends needing a place to stay, found themselves in the comfort and shelter of the Sorenson's home while they transitioned to their next step.  When Dick and Donna traveled, much of the time they were blessed by others who opened their homes for them.  They also experienced buying a home and living together with Donna's sister and family.  Over the years, both of their parents lived with them for a season.  There was also a time when they moved into their daughter's home and lived with her family.  In their case, living together built stronger friendships and unity.

It's easy to see the transition from shared living to the importance of team ministry in their lives.  They advocate team ministry because there is strength when people come together with various gifts and skills. They believe it brings more insight and wisdom to accomplish God's purpose.

They have a heart for the nations and indigenous people groups, and spent 30 years traveling the globe!  Dick has a double master's degree in Counseling and Theology and they have been in full-time ministry most of their married life.  God has used them to connect individuals, and network ministries and missionaries.  Donna has a story to tell of her journey from fear to freedom, which often includes an original song the Lord has given her.  Dick is a storyteller and has many testimonies of God's miraculous intervention in his travels to the nations.  His unique style of explaining Biblical concepts brings fresh knowledge and insight.  Together, they desire to see broken people restored, sick people healed, and weary people refreshed.

Dick and Donna moved from Harrisonville, Missouri, where Dick was on staff at Church on The Rock Harrisonville, back to Idaho. Their home and ministry base is now in Boise. They have two grown children, their married son, Rick and Jesika Sorenson, and married daughter, Tami and Lee Gaupp. They have two married grandsons, Justin & Shaina Gaupp, Alex & Ali Gaupp, and their first great-granddaughter, Taliya. They are enjoying this new season, being surrounded by family!



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