Gaupp Seafood Boil

My husband and I have been married now for decades. But since the beginning, I would hear stories about his time visiting his Grandma Sissy in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and her legendary crab boil. The story goes like this… when my hubby was around 10 years old he and  would take a row boat out with shark bait that he caught to catch crabs. Then he and would set out the crab traps and be out all day doing this until he had a good haul. When he got back to his family’s dock, his grandma Sissy and his aunts took all the crab he caught and used it for a big family seafood boil. 

Unusual Pressure

On Saturday morning, I was downtown Boise with some people walking and praying. One woman began to pray for our nation’s Capital, and when she declared PEACE over it she saw a massive storm raging and thundering with lightening and said they were pressing down over it with unusual pressure.

4-Prayers God Will Answer

Here are four prayers God gave to the Apostle Paul to pray for his Christian brothers & sisters.

Ephesians 1:17-23  Ephesians 3:14-21

Philippians 1: 9-11    Colossians 1:9-14

He wrote them in his letters to the Ephesians, Colossians and to the Philippians. We can be confident these are prayers we can pray for ourselves and family members and that God wants to, and will answer. When you pray for yourself, personalize it by inserting me or my whenever it says you or your. If you’re going to pray it for someone else use his or her name wherever it is appropriate. As you pray these prayers, sometimes they will help you to think better and you may even feel better, but that’s not what the purpose is. You are agreeing with God and inviting Him to do these very things. Usually by the second week you begin experiencing those things happening to you and in you. This is not some formula or ritual, but simply a prayer that allows the power of transformation to occur because we agree with what God wants to do.

5-Ways NOT to Encourage Others

Check this list of 5 ways our encouragement can miss it’s intended purpose. I have found these to be the biggest areas of misunderstanding as I have tried help those around me. It takes insight to know when someone is open to hearing advice, ready to listen to your own story, and when to simply listen.

When To Say What You're Not Saying

One summer, when traveling, I stayed with a family who was grieving the death of their daughter. It had been 3 years since their terrible loss, and they were merely going through the motions of the life they once lived. The second night I was there, the mother confided in me she wasn’t doing well. She wasn’t sleeping, there was a disconnect in her marriage, they had stopped observing holidays and visiting friends or family. That’s when I realized just how much it was costing them to open their home to me in the midst of their grief. I heard the long list of “advice and encouragement” that was said to them, from the thoughtless to the cruel and senseless. And it made me mad to hear all the terrible things people had said.

Mosaic Masterpiece

Because I am a practical, methodical, and deliberate person, I like to know the big picture of any project so I can understand what my roll is in it. I love to create, sketch out ideas, organize and categorize necessary steps, and execute it all with precision, along with the best of them. This skill came in handy when raising my two sons. It has helped me accomplish many projects, everything from keeping a household running smoothly, to creating choreography and training a group to perform at the State Fair, to starting my own businesses. I love everything about creating, and the thrill of setting a new process in motion.

Rest Like Jesus

I took a little vacation with my husband last week. We took time to celebrate our 31st anniversary and also to decompress from life in general. It was to McCall, Idaho, a beautiful mountain getaway, about 90 miles from Boise. And to make sure I used the time to relax, I shut down my laptop and didn’t write, tweak the website or do any of my other normal things the entire week. I even took a book and planned to read. Unfortunately I packed the wrong book, one that I had recently read! But we had such a relaxing time in the mountains and at the lake it didn’t even matter.