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I'm Still Standing

What are you thinking about on this last day of 2018? I am taking some time to think about all that happened in the last twelve months. It is good to take a moment and consider what we’ve been through. It may be encouraging to think about what we have come through, or it may be painful to revisit some of those hard times. But as we bring this 2018 chapter of our lives to a close, let’s ask God to give us His perspective, exchanging our disappointments of yesterday with new HOPE for tomorrow.

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The Sound of Cheering

This morning I had an early appointment. When I was half way to my destination, I had a fresh thought drift across my mind. I say fresh thought because I wasn’t thinking about anything but driving safely on the frozen road, meeting with other writers at my friend’s bakery and the list of things I needed to do today. Then suddenly, I was thinking of the sound of cheering. I imagined a crowd yelling, whistling, and clapping with exuberant expressions of excitement, and something deep within me stirred.

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How I Found Myself as a Nobody

I don’t know if it always has to be this way, but it wasn’t until everything around me crumbled that I came face to face with the reality of my true worth. If you are living in the rubble of betrayal, ruined relationships, isolation and broken dreams, you are in good company. Not until I learned how to be a nobody did I step into the strength of who I really am.

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When To Say What You're Not Saying

One summer, when traveling, I stayed with a family who was grieving the death of their daughter. It had been 3 years since their terrible loss, and they were merely going through the motions of the life they once lived. The second night I was there, the mother confided in me she wasn’t doing well. She wasn’t sleeping, there was a disconnect in her marriage, they had stopped observing holidays and visiting friends or family. That’s when I realized just how much it was costing them to open their home to me in the midst of their grief.

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Mosaic Masterpiece

Because I am a practical, methodical, and deliberate person, I like to know the big picture of any project so I can understand what my roll is in it. I love to create, sketch out ideas, organize and categorize necessary steps, and execute it all with precision, along with the best of them. This skill came in handy when raising my two sons. It has helped me accomplish many projects, everything from keeping a household running smoothly, to creating choreography and training a group to perform at the State Fair, to starting my own businesses. I love everything about creating, and the thrill of setting a new process in motion.

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The Simple Life

You may hear the phrases intentional living, sustainable living, live simply, tiny living, organic and intentional living. There is another saying that rings true, “there is nothing new under the sun”. So, although these concepts are not new, they may be new to us.

About ten years ago, I was living in a 2400 square foot home, with my husband, 2 sons and 2 dogs. We were homeschooling during the day, and involved running a concert house 4 evenings a week as a mission to youth in the current music culture. It was an intense season, filled with routine chores, lesson plans, homeschool field trips, home church, raising preteen boys, and running a concert house with shows that lasted into the wee hours of the morning. I longed for a simple, and organized life, but who had time for that. What I did have time for was organizing our schedule, cutting some things out and prioritizing things that were important to us.

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5-Phrases Every Parent of Adult Children Should Recite To Themselves

When our role in their lives suddenly changes, it can leave us disoriented, hurt, and lost. For the sake of our own sanity and the continued health of our adult children, we must address our feelings. 

This doesn't only apply to empty nest parents, it is true for all of us who have relationships. Let's be well-adjusted people, for the sake of our friends and family, as well as our own sanity.

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The 5-Ds of Do

We get ideas, or a desire for something, but then we wait. We wait until someone draws it out of us, and insists we do it, or we wait until we are elected into a role that will pay us to do this thing. It isn’t that we want to wait, but somehow we feel it is what we are supposed to do.

If we belong to a group, it is easy to adopt a group mentality. But we were born into this world alone, and we will leave this world alone. We are responsible for ourselves and owe it to ourselves to ask these 5 questions…

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5-Things To Keep From Becoming The Crazy Ex

We’ve all heard stories of how people who were once loving and sweet, transformed into the crazy ex after being dumped. This subject has provided great material for books, movies, and comedies, like the recent series I’ve been watching called My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. This new version is a musical and a comedy all rolled into one. I have to admit I enjoy it, and even find myself laughing out loud. As I was thinking about the ridiculous things the main character does to get noticed, and the elaborate schemes she spends her time on, often manipulating those around her to get what she thinks she wants… I had an epiphany!

We have all been the ex-something, at some point.

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