You Restore My Soul

Like everyone else, I have been through my share of pain, unmet expectations and discomfort within the realm of relationships. It happens to every one of us, it isn’t anything new. From Adam and Eve, George Washington, Martin Luther King, down to you and me, it is an experience known to all. The details of how this plays out in my own story is unique to me, but it is a pain known to the very hardened of criminals and the holiest of men. Jesus experienced every kind of loss, grief, sorrow and betrayal there is, so that through Him we would be able find hope and life to the fullest.

During a time of grief and emptiness from the loss of a relationship, everything within me wanted to lash back at them for turning their back on our friendship. But God wouldn’t let me. He was gentle but firm in His response that retaliation wouldn’t be good for me. So, I asked for help to navigate my emotions and the grief that was waking me up at night. The few things I heard Him whisper to my shattered heart was, “you are not a victim”, “I haven’t rejected you”, “my plan for you hasn’t changed” and “I will restore your soul if you let me”.

Then He led me to this song, King Of Glory (You Restore My Soul), by All Sons & Daughters. As I listened to the lyrics of this song over and over, meditating on the light of His presence over the darkness of my sorrow, I felt His embrace cover me as He whispered these promises to my spirit.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 9.19.09 AM.png


Our Heavenly Father is so good, and He is always faithful!

I surrendered my broken heart to Him, and He restored my soul.

When a memory threatens to overshadow my heart again,

I quickly take it to Jesus and leave it there.


God's peace and healing is available to all who ask.


If you are grieving today, hold on, there’s hope.

God will meet you right where you're at. 

He doesn't want to leave you alone in your sorrow.

He’s able to restore your soul today & again tomorrow. 


Blessings,  Tami Gaupp

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