Unusual Pressure

On Saturday morning, I was downtown Boise with some people walking and praying. One woman began to pray for our nation’s Capital, and when she declared PEACE over it she saw a massive storm raging and thundering with lightening and said they were pressing down over it with unusual pressure.

When she said the words “unusual pressure” I had an epiphany! Everyone I have talked to this week has expressed they are in an unusual time of busyness and pressure. They feel the weight of it and it’s seems to be surrounding them on every side. I feel it too. It is absolutely “unusual pressure”. But if so many of us are feeling it and there is a storm raging over our land right now, what we may be experiencing is the battle of the spiritual atmosphere over us. Yes, we may be over extended  and this may be intense but we do not need to be whipped around and have the breath knocked out of us by this storm. We cannot fight a spiritual battle with physical means. It will exhaust and overwhelm us every time! To release the pressure we can speak to the spiritual storm and quiet it like Jesus did on the boat.

Together, let’s declare this today...


IN the POWER and NAME of JESUS be still.


(Just an hour after writing this, I had an opportunity to do as the saying goes, “practice what you preach”.  I am so glad I did practice it, if I hadn’t then I would have missed the blessing God had for me that moment! Watch and you’ll understand... )