The Sound of Cheering

This morning I had an early appointment. When I was half way to my destination, I had a fresh thought drift across my mind. I say fresh thought because I wasn’t thinking about anything but driving safely on the frozen road, meeting with other writers at my friend’s bakery and the list of things I needed to do today. Then suddenly, I was thinking of the sound of cheering. I imagined a crowd yelling, whistling, and clapping with exuberant expressions of excitement, and something deep within me stirred.

A while back, the Lord encouraged me to practice praising Him. I thought, “Sure, how hard can that be?” I declared how awesome and worthy of praise He was and then that was it. I had nothing else to say. The first time I could only praise Him one minute, but the more I practiced, the more praise was stirred up and the words flowed from my mouth and my heart for longer periods of time. So when this concept of cheering came into my mind I thought it may be the same as my time spent practicing praise. But the concept of cheering came back to me, and since it’s football season, I thought, why not just yell! No sooner had the thought crossed my mind than I heard myself shout out, “Woo Hoo!”, at the top of my lungs. I was amused, this struck a match of joy in my spirit and a new spark was lit. And just for good measure, I did it one more time. 

My husband is an avid New Orleans Saints fan and has been watching the footballs games. When he watches it gets really loud. It isn’t the volume of the game that is loud, it is his reaction to it. I don’t think I have ever heard anyone clap as loud as he does, and I want to cover my ears whenever they score because of the sound of him yelling, “Who Dat”, and all his hoop and hollering. He is just naturally more expressive than most people and when he is stirred up it comes out in loud and expressive ways. 

Most of us have been to a game and heard the sound of a packed stadium vibrating with cheering during a football game. With the band playing, the crowd cheering and the commentators giving the play by play of the game, the sound is intense. Those who have experienced this have seen a very small glimpse of what I believe is happening around the throne of God right now. The more we learn about God and all He has done for us, the more reason to get excited. He has won and death is defeated! The atmosphere of His presence is filled with joy and victory. He has no need of a curtesy clap from us, but we have a deep need to have our hearts ignited. 

Come on, join me. Let’s stir ourselves up and fill our hearts with the sound of cheering!