Teach Me To War In Worship

When we think of worship it gives us a feeling of peace. Even when we say the word worship we may say it quietly or gently. Worship means to kiss toward, and is between God and us. The word warfare, on the other hand, takes place against an enemy. This word conjures up an image that may include aggressive action, tension, shouting and intensity. Warfare is a military operation between enemies. At first, these two words seem to contradict each other… but let’s take a closer look.

How is it that these two starkly different images can work together?


These contrasting images of worship and warfare are not wrong. They simply are not an all-inclusive statement. If we say 3 + 3 = 6, this is true, but it is not all-inclusive. If we say singing is worship or warfare an aggressive assault on the enemy, these things are true, but not all-inclusive. Look closely again at our math problem. Is 3 + 3 the only way to get to 6? Of course not. We might use 2 + 4, or 1.5 +1.5 +3, or even the square root of 36. In the same way, we will look at both worship and warfare as different variables in prayer.

Let's talk about warfare. The idea we are called to do battle can be intimidating, but the Lord tells us over and over in His word that He has already given us the victory. It’s easy to sing songs of victory and to celebrate in victorious worship, but what purpose does this victory have, unless there was a battle to be won? He has already won the ultimate victory on our behalf, but we are called to stand and declare it over situations that are under siege. There is a position He has given us to enforce this victory in our own lives and in the lives of others as He leads us. 

The dichotomy is not only in warfare and worship, but also in the concept of our victory. It is clear in scripture Jesus already won the victory once and for all, and there is nothing more we can add to it. It is complete; It is finished. Then why am I even talking about a victory that still needs to be won? Because we live in this world, and are bombarded with defeat, distress and traps set before us at every turn. But we do not have to lose heart when we face trouble, because we have been given another option. It talks about this in Ephesians (6:10-18), and tells us how we are to face our everyday challenges and traps that are trying to steal, kill and destroy us (John 10:10). We are to put on the armor of God, resist the evil one, stand firm agains the devil’s schemes and extinguish the flaming arrows of the evil one. 


Only through faith in Jesus do we find victory to overcome our trouble. And here is the best part… the faith needed originates with God, not with us. This fact is both comforting and empowering! The Lord calls us to reach out and grasp who we are in Him and take hold of the keys He’s given us. When we talk about warfare, we realize it's not our job to win the battle, Jesus already did that.

So what am I supposed to do; what is my part to play in all this?  

My part in this battle is to make it a priority to strengthen myself in all the ways He tells me in His Word, specifically by reading the “red letters” in the first four books of the New Testament. Some Bibles highlight everything Jesus said while living as a man on earth by printing His words in red. I make it a practice to not only read what He told us to do, but purposely act on it. Only through obedience comes the transformative power of God I need in my life to be effective for His Kingdom. 

When I participate in warfare through worship, I am simply responding to the leading of the Holy Spirit. My job is to agree with Him and respond when He leads me to do or say something in prayer. This is my purpose, and how I join Him in bringing about His good plans and purposes on the earth. The faith I need comes from understanding this victory is a done deal. I can only enforce His will by leaning into Him and listening to His heart, my spirit to His Spirit. I make myself available by letting go of every single thing weighing me down and releasing everything I am holding onto. Then I simply ask, “Is there anything You want to show me today?”


As I began doing this, I wasn’t sure how to explain the experiences I was having. When I saw people as I was driving, in passing cars, sitting at the bus stop or just walking on the street, I became aware that I was agreeing with God. I would glance at them and would catch myself saying, “Umm hmm” or “yes”, and then realize I was agreeing with what the Spirit was impressing upon me. Then I would begin to proclaim the word of The Lord over them and speak out a brief prayer as I drove passed them. It was quick! I didn’t struggle. It wasn’t my idea. I just became aware and available.


Music and singing are gifts God has given to us. In wisdom, He created music for pleasure as well as for our physical well-being. Medical professionals have used music therapy as a form of healing and medicine. This isn't new, the Bible says that a merry heart is like good medicine. But what physicists have discovered recently may shed more light on the verse we discussed last week in Psalm 149:5-9, “May the praise of God be in their mouths and a double-edged sword in their hands.”  

Now we know light to be much more complex than the visible light we can see. Only three percent of the light spectrum makes up visible light. Within the light spectrum is a range of wavelengths called radio waves, and within this range is an even smaller range that may be detected by the human ear. As light travels through space at the wavelength that is within the threshold of audibility, we may hear this light as music. If God were to readjust our eyes to a different wavelength, we would be able to visibly see music. Therefore, music is light, by its very nature. No wonder there is divine protection in Spirit-inspired music. With this in mind, consider what it says in Psalm 32:7, “You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.”


Light is part of God's very nature. So, it could be said that music and singing contain a very real element of God's essence. Under the anointing of God, singing can illuminate the heart and enlighten those who sit in darkness. Praise and worship can increase the focus of intercession and manifest God's presence in a greater degree.  

There are countless testimonies of healing and miracles occurring during times of music under the anointing of God. One friend on chaplain duty at a hospital encountered a woman in great physical pain. During the visit, she had a strong impression from the Lord that she should sing over this patient. Even though she felt a little foolish, this chaplain asked the woman if she could just shut the door to the room and sing aloud over her. The patient agreed and my friend began to sing Malachi 4:2, “…the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in his wings.” The room seemed to fill up with light and physical warmth at the same time the song of the Lord filled the room. It is interesting that light, heat and music manifested all at once. All pain left this patient, and the doctor dismissed her from the hospital that day. As we are obedient in praise and worship, we allow God to move in us and through us.

We don’t become spiritual giants over night. When David came up against Goliath it wasn’t the first time He had encountered an enemy. He was obedient in the smaller things, which included the work of tending his flock. During the long hours of work and waiting, He would worship the Lord and spend time listening. Let’s make it a priority to spend time talking and worshiping the Lord as we go about our daily tasks this week. And when He tells us to step out and do something, let’s be bold like young David was!

Blessings, Tami Gaupp


Next Monday I will share what happened next on my prayer journey and what God taught me about taking action in prayer, as I followed Him in prophetic acts.

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