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I'm Still Standing

What are you thinking about on this last day of 2018? I am taking some time to think about all that happened in the last twelve months. It is good to take a moment and consider what we’ve been through. It may be encouraging to think about what we have come through, or it may be painful to revisit some of those hard times. But as we bring this 2018 chapter of our lives to a close, let’s ask God to give us His perspective, exchanging our disappointments of yesterday with new HOPE for tomorrow.

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The Sound of Cheering

This morning I had an early appointment. When I was half way to my destination, I had a fresh thought drift across my mind. I say fresh thought because I wasn’t thinking about anything but driving safely on the frozen road, meeting with other writers at my friend’s bakery and the list of things I needed to do today. Then suddenly, I was thinking of the sound of cheering. I imagined a crowd yelling, whistling, and clapping with exuberant expressions of excitement, and something deep within me stirred.

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