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Unusual Pressure

On Saturday morning, I was downtown Boise with some people walking and praying. One woman began to pray for our nation’s Capital, and when she declared PEACE over it she saw a massive storm raging and thundering with lightening and said they were pressing down over it with unusual pressure.

5-Ways NOT to Encourage Others

Check this list of 5 ways our encouragement can miss it’s intended purpose. I have found these to be the biggest areas of misunderstanding as I have tried help those around me. It takes insight to know when someone is open to hearing advice, ready to listen to your own story, and when to simply listen.

The Lanyap Life Culture

The word lanyap is the phonetic spelling of the cajun word lagniappe. This was a new word to me when I met my husband, Lee. I had never heard of this word before, and when he first said it with his southern drawl, I didn’t even understand him.