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Squash Braid

For as long as I can remember, I have loved baking bread. It is one thing I know I’m good at. I enjoy the process involved, the way the aroma of fresh baked bread fills the house and have never had a loaf not turn out. At one point, when I had young children, I tried to cut the process down by using a bread machine. But I was never completely happy with the result. It did save me time and it was bread, but it was not the same at all. I especially disliked the emptiness each loaf had right in center from the machine’s mixing paddle.

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How I Found Myself as a Nobody

I don’t know if it always has to be this way, but it wasn’t until everything around me crumbled that I came face to face with the reality of my true worth. If you are living in the rubble of betrayal, ruined relationships, isolation and broken dreams, you are in good company. Not until I learned how to be a nobody did I step into the strength of who I really am.

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Gaupp Seafood Boil

My husband and I have been married now for decades. But since the beginning, I would hear stories about his time visiting his Grandma Sissy in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and her legendary crab boil. The story goes like this… when my hubby was around 10 years old he and  would take a row boat out with shark bait that he caught to catch crabs. Then he and would set out the crab traps and be out all day doing this until he had a good haul. When he got back to his family’s dock, his grandma Sissy and his aunts took all the crab he caught and used it for a big family seafood boil. 

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5-Phrases Every Parent of Adult Children Should Recite To Themselves

When our role in their lives suddenly changes, it can leave us disoriented, hurt, and lost. For the sake of our own sanity and the continued health of our adult children, we must address our feelings. 

This doesn't only apply to empty nest parents, it is true for all of us who have relationships. Let's be well-adjusted people, for the sake of our friends and family, as well as our own sanity.

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5-Things To Keep From Becoming The Crazy Ex

We’ve all heard stories of how people who were once loving and sweet, transformed into the crazy ex after being dumped. This subject has provided great material for books, movies, and comedies, like the recent series I’ve been watching called My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. This new version is a musical and a comedy all rolled into one. I have to admit I enjoy it, and even find myself laughing out loud. As I was thinking about the ridiculous things the main character does to get noticed, and the elaborate schemes she spends her time on, often manipulating those around her to get what she thinks she wants… I had an epiphany!

We have all been the ex-something, at some point.

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