Nurture & Guard Your Heart

Whatever God is whispering to your heart today, let it take root just as if He were planting it in fertile soil. Be aware of other issues of your heart that He may want you to address. Have you ever had a morning glory creeping vine sneaking in to your flower bed? It will wrap around large healthy plants until it entangles and suppresses it’s growth. 

Guarding our heart isn’t so much a defensive stance we take out of fear, where we build walls around ourselves after we’ve been hurt. I see this as a powerful, offensive thing we do as we nurture and protect the work God is doing in our heart— like a gardener protecting young seedlings to ensure their survival. 

Let’s keep a watchful eye on our hearts, not putting  ourselves in vulnerable places, but instead, taking serious our responsibility of stewarding what He has given to us. If we want more... we must be faithful in what He’s currently given us and He will strengthen and bless it with growth and NEW LIFE!

Tami Gaupp