Mosaic Masterpiece

Because I am a practical, methodical, and deliberate person, I like to know the big picture of any project so I can understand what my roll is in it. I love to create, sketch out ideas, organize and categorize necessary steps, and execute it all with precision, along with the best of them. This skill came in handy when raising my two sons. It has helped me accomplish many projects, everything from keeping a household running smoothly, to creating choreography and training a group to perform at the State Fair, to starting my own businesses. I love everything about creating, and the thrill of setting a new process in motion.

It would be easy for me to make a plan and then run with it, but this time I have created in what seems like a non-methodical way. Since I strive to follow God, and not my own ideas, I find I do things I “know” are out of order. Sometimes it feels like I am building something upside-down, and backwards, all while wearing a blind-fold. I have started a business before, and it had a business plan, a time-line to accomplish every step, and I had it running like a well-oiled machine. But this time,God had me start a new business, only giving me clarity on one step at a time. It seemed He was the only one that had access to the business plan. I suspect He only told me specific things to do and kept His plan hidden, on a need to know basis, to get me to the mental, emotional and physical state He wanted me. In other words, He tricked me. I mean this in a humorous way, not a mean-spirited way. He knows I like to encourage and help others, and used this to motivate me.


I remember this conversation I had with the Lord while driving to an appointment last year, “I know You have led me this far in starting this new business, but it isn’t what I envisioned it would be. I don’t mind blindly following where You lead me, because I trust You have a plan. But can I just say, this isn’t how smart people start businesses. They usually start with a business plan and the big picture of where they’re going, so they can flesh out all the necessary aspects to launching a business that will be successful.” I know He was listening and even smiling when I said, “Ok, but please don’t make me look like a fool!” Then we both laughed!

You see, I know what is supposed to happen, but I have more confidence to trust God with my business. What could look like a disaster, is really a visual example of how God will take His time to reveal, shape and make His purpose known. Thankfully, I did not quit along the way. As I continued doing the small things I knew I was supposed to, I would sometimes catch a glimpse of what the outcome might be. Then as time went by, everything came into focus and I finally got clarity. Like a farmer who sees the first fruit from all His labor, I celebrated! The business is still in process, but I finally see a time of completion happening and a season to reap coming.

Yesterday I was outside working in the yard, thinking about this current business journey. And it occurred to me, that from the outside looking in, it may appear I am trying really hard. So I earnestly asked myself that question, “Am I trying hard?” Instantly I knew the answer, “No, I am not even trying. I am working hard, yes, but not trying hard. I am just doing what comes to me.” And that’s when the Lord dropped this phrase into my heart, “this business is a long-term mosaic masterpiece.” The more I think about this, the more it makes sense. A friend recently shared her experience working on a mosaic. She said there are times you aren’t sure how it’s all going to come together because you’re busy working on each individual piece, which is usually made up of broken, unrelated things. I suddenly understood the symbolism of how God uses all the broken things in our lives to create a beautiful work of art. It is worth the work of waiting patiently on Him to bring us to a place of completion. We are all in process. My business is in process. It isn’t an easy process, but when we let go of our own trying and allow Him to do it, we can be sure He will finish the work He has started in us.

 “For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.”  —Philippians‬ ‭1:6‬ ‭NASB‬‬

Blessings,   Tami Gaupp

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