Playing By A New Set of Rules

Difficult relational dynamics, false accusations, offense, misunderstandings and our reaction to them are a way of life for many of us. But when we have been adopted as sons & daughters of the Most High, we have a different and better way of living that’s available to us. We have been given a new identity, a new inheritance, and all the resources and power to live in this new way. It is great news that we do not have to live with the weight of the world pressing down on us. The hand of God has pulled us out of our desperation, isolation, condemnation and ultimately, damnation. Consider the ramifications of living in the freedom of a new identity! God offers us an open invitation of adoption, a new identity and access to His resources.

Playing by a new set of rules.png

Do you hear The Father's call to you? Do you feel The Spirit's gentle nudge?Do you know the sound of Jesus knocking on your hearts door? Have you left him knocking? Think about it… in the same way Daniel was saved out of the lions den, and Jonah out of the belly of a big fish, we have been given a way out of our entrapment as well! Jesus is here, reaching out to you. Will you recognize Him? Will you grasp on to Him with everything you have and everything you are? It is the only way to escape the choke-hold of the Law of Sin in your life. Jesus is The Way.

Accepting Jesus, and God’s invitation into His family is just the beginning. Learning to live and function with our new identity in Christ, is a real game-changer. But, unless we begin to practice living in this new way, asking God to transform our thinking and our daily habits, we may never experience the fullness of this new life. Let’s say you want to learn the game of Chess, yet every time you sit in front of a Chess board you set it up like checkers, and play by those rules. You aren’t even thinking about it, you just naturally play this way because it’s the game you’ve always played. In the same way, we must lay down our old ways of living, and be willing to learn God’s way. Let’s be sure to ask what His way is for us today. How are we to respond to people? What are we to do about our hurt? How does He want us to process a negative report from the doctor? Let’s challenge our normal reactions this week, and see what He says about it!

"But now that we have died to those chains that imprisoned us, we have been released from the law to serve in a new Spirit-empowered life, not the old written code."  Romans 7:6 -The Voice

Blessings, Tami Gaupp