What's Your Story?

On Saturday I traveled to Nashville. I made sure to gather my things early and have most everything packed a couple days before. The excitement of the adventure would have to wait until I got everything arranged at home to leave my husband for 10 days. I cooked and cooked, froze meals, made a list of menu options for lunches and dinners to bless him. He is very good at fending for himself but it’s the best way I could think of to help him while I was away. I also had three birthdays and Father's Day to prepare for since I would be leaving in the midst of one of the busiest weeks for our family. But I was managing it. I had a plan and I was working it!

The day of my flight, I only had two things left to do, meet my son for brunch, and then make a stop at the grocery store on the way to the airport. My sweet husband had arranged early check-in for me since I was on Southwest, and they have open seating. Since I was one of the first passengers on the flight, I was able to choose an aisle seat at the front of the plane and get settled. I usually interact with those around me but they weren't interested and neither was I this time. I read the first half of the magazine I had brought with me, and watched part of the movie my husband had downloaded onto my phone. 

The second flight I had planned to sit farther back and get a window seat so I could sleep through the flight. I wasn’t feeling well and just wanted the day to be over. Since I was one of the first passengers to board, I was able to pick my seat. I was heading to a window seat, when the third row caught my eye with only one lady in the window seat, and I suddenly sat down. I said something to the woman about it feeling like a peaceful row. I ended up in the center seat between two ladies. At first I still had an agenda, just to focus on getting through the flight! I had my magazine, but conversation began to flow between the other two women, and so I abandoned my reading. I engaged in pleasant conversation as we got to know each other, when one of them asked me if I do speaking engagements. I laughed, and said as far as speaking goes, I simply share my story. I said that way it’s not really about me, but it’s about my story and what I learned. She said, “What is your story?”, and suddenly I found myself telling her not just one of my stories, but three. We exchanged contact information and hope to connect again soon. It was a different distraction than I had planned, but I know it was a “set up” by my Father in Heaven. 

I am so glad I abandoned my agenda to find a window seat, was able to suddenly change course and follow the PEACE that led me to sit in a seat I’d planned not to sit in. I am thankful I chose to lay down the magazine I bought just to read on my flight. I am amazed how the conversation turned to my story, and that I was able to share the reality and freedom of God’s faithfulness. 

What is your story? Can you share it? 

1 Peter 3:15 “…Be ready at all times to answer anyone who asks you to explain the hope you have in you,” GNB