Uncomfortable? Get God's Perspective!

Have you ever felt invisible? I’m not talking about those times you want to blend in and go unnoticed. I’m talking about that feeling of being overlooked, left-out and undervalued. We have all felt this at some point. In some way, others have given us the message that what we have to offer is not wanted. Whether this message is intentional or not, verbal or nonverbal, the impact on us is the same…and it hurts!


Let me list a few quotes I’ve heard just this week. “I feel invisible”, “are they keeping me from being myself, or am I just not being myself?”, “they must not like me”, “why don’t they include me?”, and “I don’t know where I fit”. 

The very thing that you are interpreting as rejection or a sense of being overlooked, you may find out God has a totally different perspective about. The truth is, we often only change when things are uncomfortable for us. Think of a growing child. There is a point when the discomfort of wearing shoes they have outgrown cannot be ignored, and they are forced to find different shoes. I’m sure you can think of other examples where discomfort has led to some type of change. God works within the time and seasons of our lives, and although He leads us through the peaks and valleys, we are never out of His sight. (Ps. 139) 

If you’re feeling this way, the good news is that you have a hunger for more. Ask God to bring clarity to that desire! Maybe it is to connect in deeper ways, or to use the gifts God’s given you to bless others. Whatever the hunger and desire within you is, God sees. He may even be the one giving you that desire. Take a moment to pour out your heart to Him, forgive and extend grace to those around you, and yield your discomfort to Him. Listen as He speaks to your heart today, and ask Him to show you His perspective.