The Blessings of Christmas and Forever

There is a passage of the Bible that makes me cry every time I read it. The beauty and magnificence of it grabs my heart. Please read it – slowly - line by line - and marvel at the greatness and goodness of an incomprehensible God who became man because of His unending love for us.

John 1:1-14, The Voice,

Before time itself was measured, the Voice was speaking. The Voice was and is God. This celestial Word remained ever present with the Creator; His speech shaped the entire cosmos. Immersed in the practice of creating, all things that exist were birthed in Him.  His breath filled all things with living, breathing light – A light that thrives in the depths of darkness, Blazes through murky bottoms. It cannot and will not be quenched.

A man named John, who was sent by God, was the first to clearly articulate the source of this Light. The Baptizer put in plain words the elusive mystery of the Divine Light so all might believe through him. Some wondered whether he might be the Light, but John was not the Light. He merely pointed to the Light. The true Light, who shines upon the heart of everyone, was coming into the cosmos. He entered our world, a world He made; Yet the world did not recognize Him. Even though He came to His own people, they refused to listen and receive Him. But for all who did receive and trust in Him, He gave them the right to be reborn as children of God; He bestowed this birthright not by human power but by God’s will. The Voice took on flesh and became human and chose to live alongside us. We have seen Him, enveloped in undeniable splendor – the one true Son of the Father – evidenced by the perfect balance of grace and truth.”

What more could we ask for?