One Voice

The greatest desire of the human heart is for belonging. We seek to find a place where we fit, and a group of people we can connect with. So naturally, it’s an area the enemy of our soul is set out to steal from us. The opposition we face in this area shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it does. 

I have strong desires, especially when God speaks to me about something He is going to do. I hold onto it, and want to find others who are hearing the same thing. I believe in the power and protection of teaming up with others. Sometimes, I have waited years for God to bring it to pass, and for some things, I am still waiting. I wait for God to open up doors, I wait for divine connections, I wait for confirmation, and I wait for the unity of agreement with others. But last Friday morning, as I was meditating and waiting on the Lord , He asked me what I was waiting for! My only response was to grab my keys and go do what He had placed on my heart.

To back up a little…I was in my kitchen, when I saw a picture, in my mind, of me walking around the Capitol Building. All at once, in my spirit, I knew God was asking me "what are you waiting for?” A few years ago, God had shown me a picture of me walking with women and praying. So when I saw myself walking around our State Capitol, I knew what He wanted me to do. I told God that I was waiting on Him, but He said, “not anymore, just do it!”

Following God’s lead is a powerful and energizing adventure. I had no agenda, just walking and listening to what was on God’s heart. At one point, He showed me a bowl that had every prayer ever prayed for our State, and every prayer from believers who worked in these buildings I was walking around, for corruption to be exposed and righteousness to be established. Awe and reverence washed over me, as I realized it wasn’t just me. I belong to a family, larger than I can comprehend. I was joining my voice with a host of others who had walked before me, and prayed right where I was walking. My prayer was also rising up with thousands of others, in Washington DC and all around our country who were praying during Awaken The Dawn this weekend. The weight of this revelation had a humbling impact on me, and I felt the reality of BELONGING to the Body of Christ and to a Great Company of Women. 


Just drop everything that is consuming your time, and focus on The One who holds your future in His hands. Just listen, and let Him know you’re open to what He has to say. I’ve found, doing one thing that God is saying right at that moment rarely interferes with everything else I am doing. Sometimes it’s just a quick phone call, meeting a physical need of someone, or praying for whatever He places in my spirit at that very moment. It is also freedom and healing. I could have let a physical struggle be my excuse for not going, but instead, God took every pain from me as I walked and talked with Him. 

Romans 15:6 NASB “…so that with one accord you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”