Something Good is Going to Happen...

At the first of each New Year, I ask the Lord to give me a word or scripture to show me what’s ahead for us. We began doing this 20 years ago. My friend, Kathleen, and I talk each January and compare what the Lord shows us. Last year, the Lord gave her a word for me. She said, “God wants you to declare daily that, “Something good is going to happen today”. I can remember Oral Roberts always said that. Also, “God is a God of miracles, I believe in miracles, and I expect a miracle to happen today.” I agreed with her because I had been battling negative thoughts about my future. One month went by, but I didn’t act, two months passed and then three. In April, I was having a great conversation with a friend and she encouraged me to start declaring everyday, “Something good is going to happen today.” So I determined to “Just Do it!”

I know that to break a wrong thought pattern, I need to replace it with a Biblical Truth. It was a lot of fun as I began to notice even the small blessings that were happening to me. The first week, a woman in McDonalds that I didn’t know came over to me and said she loved my haircut and it was so attractive on me. Who doesn’t grow an inch or two higher with an unsolicited compliment? 

Before this experiment, God was moving in my circumstances, but I was missing them. Deliberately changing my self-talk opened my eyes to see God moving on my behalf. Things were happening all along, but I missed them. Now I can see “Dread” being replaced with “Expectations!” 
I am reminded of a song we used to sing at church a few years ago. “Open my eyes, Lord, I want to see Jesus.” I have sung that song so many times over the years; it became a personal prayer. I believe I am experiencing answered prayers and am looking for those unexpected miracles in my life each day!

                                                                                            -Donna Sorenson