Fleda is a mother, grandmother, leader, and worshiper who, with her husband, spent over 30 years in ministry serving others and ministering peace and freedom to those God brought their way.  In July, 2015 Fleda’s husband, Don, went to heaven after pouring out his life for the Savior he loved so deeply. 


Together, Don and Fleda started two churches, served as Elders, worship leaders, administrators, and pastors in several churches and ministered to many, many people in their home.  During their 49 years together they raised three sons, Todd & Susan Wright, Darryn & TJ Wright, and Dan & Shauna Wright. The family expanded with 7 grandchildren. In 2008, they retired from ministry (they thought). They had started a small real estate company and began to enjoy a hobby that brought them great pleasure and many new friends, riding their motorcycles.  They began attending a new church in Meridian and became leaders there and continued to minister God’s love and grace to others.  Even after Don went home to be with the Lord, Fleda continues with the real estate company, the church and riding her motorcycle. 

From a background of alcoholism and abuse, God brought Fleda into a family that nurtured and loved her and then into His family.  It took many years of prayer and time in the Word for Fleda to find healing from the past. One of the most important things in her life has been and is worship.  She began by playing her guitar in a home group. From there, she played on a worship team, sang, led worship, became a worship leader with her husband, played piano and violin for worship, and plays on the worship team in her church now.  Music has always been important in her life and worship brought freedom, healing and hope to her. 

Throughout the years of ministry, Fleda wrote and taught bible classes. She taught classes and preached about worship, biblical counseling, the bible, and much more with honesty and straightforwardness, believing in grace and personal accountability.  Her desire is to see people set free from bondage no matter what the cause is because God has the answer for everything we face in life and each of us can embrace that as we drop our excuses, speaking openly and honestly with our God. 

Don and Fleda met Dick and Donna Sorenson in 1976 when the Sorenson’s lived at the Yellow House of Jesus.  A deep friendship developed and has lasted through all the years of being together and apart.  Dick and Donna changed Don and Fleda’s lives, not with just words, but by living their words.  In 1989 Don, Fleda, Dick and Donna took a trip to Hong Kong, Quangzhou and Bangkok.  Together they ministered to a group of missionaries from around China who were also teaching English in the universities there.  Part of the trip was business related and the whole thing was filled with adventures – planned and unplanned. Don and Fleda joined the board of Dick Sorenson Ministries (DSM) and Fleda is now a part of Lanyap Life Services as she continues to write and serve others. Her most recent book, How To Win When You Lose!, describes the journey of full-time ministry, confronting the hurt, loss and healing that many pastors experience and exposing the lie that loss means you’re a loser.

Fleda is writing other books and riding her motorcycle with friends and family – communing with God and learning what it means to walk through the valley of the shadow of death, finding the grace, beauty, light and life that is there.  She also ministers to other widows through her church. After the loss of her husband, she continues forward in the calling of God and believes in the message and ministry of Lanyap Life Services, joining the Sorensons and Gaupps in helping people through their Journey to Wholeness. 

Also, you can check out her blog - idahomotorcyclelady.com